Terry Soper

Dedicated and highly qualified and professional Licensed Plumber offering 12 years’ experience in complete mechanical, plumbing and heating systems with 6 years focused as Supervisor in the Industrial sector of Turner Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  Terry is a talented Supervisor offering outstanding knowledge in complete mechanical, heating and plumbing installation with certifications in backflow prevention.  Remarkable ability to develop and implement planned maintenance programs/projects.  Terry is recognized as a team player, with an exemplary track record for planning and completing projects on time with the immense ability to lead others in troubleshooting and emergency repairs with efficient resolve. He is constantly providing outstanding customer service with an excellent track record of success in safety and regulatory compliance and leads technical teams to maintain all standards of building codes and Health and Safety Policies.



Terry's Contact Info

Email: tsoper@turnerplumbing.ca
Tel: 519-271-2782
Cell: 519-276-0836
Fax: 519-271-3897